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Practicing law for 25 years allowed me to support my family and provide my daughters college educations. I was never comfortable with the competitive-adversarial system that is the basis for the practice. I started giving voice to what I called, “The Universal Principles.” I shared the Principles with individuals who then asked me to speak to their friends. These living-room mini seminars grew into weekend seminars and annual 5 day retreats.

One seminar was attended by a writer for a national magazine. She asked her editor for permission to do a feature story on me. With permission granted, she travelled to several events where she participated and interviewed attendees. Her story grew into my material for the entire centerfold and the editorial was all about me. Finally, a picture the editor took when we met became the cover.

Invitations now came from individuals offering to organize an event in their city. This continued for 18 years starting in 1980.

A part of each weekend was a question and answer period. So many of the questions involved commitment in relationships that I invited my wife to join me. I spoke to the Principles involved. She spoke to a practical way to use them.

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In 1984, I felt inspired to write and self publish a book entitled, “You Can Have it All” that quickly became a best-seller. In 1985, after reading the book, Oprah invited me to be the sole guest on her hour show. Subsequently, a major publisher issued an edition. I have written seven books.

My focus has evolved over these many years leading to the material that follows.