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New Game

The "New Game"

Have you ever wondered what might be keeping you from enjoying a life of physical and emotional renewal and full self-empowerment?

Do you ever question why the game of life you are living doesn’t feature everyone playing together as equals in mutual support?

Have you ever wanted a clear reason why you don’t see yourself and everyone you know encouraged to fully and freely express her/his talents?

If you answered ‘yes’ to even one of these questions, then you are not alone, and you have a unique opportunity to truly change your life experience by joining a self-selected group of committed participants hosted by the author of ‘You Can Have It All’, ‘The Money Game’, and ‘The Journey Revised and Expanded’ - Arnold Patent.

It was during a period of personal introspection when Arnold Patent discovered why and how we created the challenges including the uncomfortable feelings we face daily. He has called it “The Family Story.”

He has also devised the process to release the energies hidden in the “Story” thus opening the way for us to fully and freely express our talents as equals in a setting of mutual support that produces abundance for all.

The entry requirements are an expression of appreciation of $200.00 per week together with a strong desire to release the uncomfortable feelings.

If you wish to participate, send an email to