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The Family Story

The Family Story


The Family Story is the way our birth parents related to each other. Their behaviors become the model that the children follow. 

This is a description of the process I discovered that frees a person from that story and what I learned as the guide. 

We cannot do this by ourselves. We require someone who has successfully freed him/her self from The Family Story to assume the role of guide. Also, the person being guided must have a very strong intention to reach that freedom.

In the beginning, I required small amounts of appreciation. What I found is that those who paid less than $200.00 per week didn’t have the level of motivation, patience and perseverance to feel the intensity of the energies hidden in the Family Story necessary to release them.

Part One

The behaviors of the birth parents toward each other are multi-faceted. This means that achieving freedom requires release of many patterns. Typically, a person reaches a level of freedom that is substantial and has the opportunity to create new behaviors that are satisfying and fulfilling. Over time, and if the guidance continues, remnants of patterns that were not completely released present themselves. Further release and freedom become available.

Part Two

From a broad perspective, each person has received one or more talents. When those talents are fully and freely expressed many people benefit and the giver feels fulfilled. 

The natural state for everyone is the joy of playing together as equals in mutual support and in a full flow of abundance.  We enjoy supporting othersas we feel others enjoy supporting us. The result is more than enough of everything for everyone.

Part Three

There are many ways we can play together. The possibilities are unlimited. There are several people exploring these possibilities and creating whole new ways of enjoying their lives. 

I call this “The New Game” and have described it on my website. You are welcome to join us.

Part Four

From many years of leading seminars all over the U.S. and abroad, I learned that when many participants are present watching a few benefit from going through a process, those who have a strong intention to receive the same benefit usually do.

Anyone wishing to organize such a group, send me an email at: