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The Family Story

The Family Story


For the first six years of a child's life, they are absorbing information from their parents at an incredibly rapid rate. The thoughts, feelings, and behaviors demonstrated by their parents build the foundation of their own belief systems.

The child accepts what they've experienced from their parents as the truth about how life is for adults. These beliefs form the core from which their perception of the world is informed. As years of experience accumulate, layers of thoughts and habits build around this core hiding it deeply in our subconscious.

Our thoughts, preferences, and personalities may differ greatly from our parents, however our ultimate reactions to our environment and feelings about ourselves remain habitually driven by our core beliefs.

When we think of our youth, we rely on memories which are extraordinarily inaccurate. The only accurate connection to our early childhood, and the core beliefs we formed from what our parents demonstrated... is our feelings.

Thoughts and memories about our parents and our lives may be distorted and unreliable.

I discovered a process that frees a person from that story.

We cannot complete this process by ourselves. We require someone who has successfully freed him/herself from The Family Story to assume the role of guide. The person being guided must have a very strong intention to reach that freedom.

Achieving freedom requires release of many patterns. A person who completes the journey through The Family Story, typically reaches a level of freedom that is substantial. They then have the opportunity to create new behaviors that are satisfying and fulfilling. Over time, and if the guidance continues, remnants of patterns that were not completely released present themselves. Further release and freedom become available.

Once freed from the Family Story, the possibilities are unlimited.

The New Game

Each person is born with one or more talents. Release of the Family Story brings full and free expression of those talents. This benefits many, and brings fulfillment to the giver.

Our natural feeling state is joy. The natural state of the universe is one of free flowing abundance. It is natural to enjoy supporting others. It is also natural to enjoy being supported. In this natural state, we play together as equals in mutual support. Balance is restored and life is rich and fulfilling for everyone.

People are exploring these possibilities and several have created whole new ways of enjoying their lives. This paves the way for others. You are welcome to join us.

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